Let’s get straight to the point; the pelvic floor is 1/3 of your core. That being said is there any activity or exercise that requires you to NOT use your core? Did you know that when your arm raises overhead you should get core engagement? When you step off a curb, ma...

If growing a tiny human wasn't challenging enough, you've been instructed to camp out in your bed for x amount of time (normally no less than a week) because of a high-risk condition. Let the the Netflix binge begin! Okay, you've gone through all of your recommended se...


If you are like me, one of the most unappealing and border line offensive things that could happen is to come into contact with a sub 32°F surface. So if I am already in pain/discomfort and you ask me to throw an ice pack the size of a throw pillow on my back, you w...

Thoughts on balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood

Let me preface by saying every mother, baby, and pregnancy experience is different. Therefore the answer is not true or false, but an educated "it depends". Let’s begin by outlining the no-scenarios to exercise during pregnancy as outlined by The American College of Ob...

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