Labor Conditioning

Labor Conditioning is a customizable program that encourages fitness during pregnancy in a way that prepares the body for achieving a natural birth. Although this program is not exclusive to those desiring a natural childbirth experience, it outlines strength, flexibility, endurance, and cardiovascular exercises that can help prepare the body for the demands of a natural childbirth.


Develop a realistic exercise routine that meets your time constraints and fitness level.


Incorporate manual therapy techniques to optimize spine/pelvic/hip health.

*Note: self-mobilization strategies taught to virtual clients. 


Incorporate perineal stretching and learn body mechanics for the 4th trimester (nursing postures, bending, lifting, etc.).

*Note: self-perineal stretching is taught to virtual clients 

Below are a few of Dr. Reyes' favorite LC exercises. Note: Do not perform unless you have been cleared by your OB provider and your pregnancy is not HIGH RISK

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