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Below is a selection of articles and podcasts that have featured Dr. Taylor Reyes. You will also find a link to her digital book, The Endometriosis Solution: A step by step simplified guide to getting back the life you deserve.

The Endometriosis Solution

Through an evidence based lens, Dr. Reyes lays out what endometriosis is and is not, how it differs from adenomyosis, and current gold-standard diagnostics. They will also learn natural management strategies, conventional management strategies, how to find a qualified excision surgeon/specialist, basic exercises, biohacking tools, and how to reclaim your life.

Episode #102 - Gut Check Project

Dr. Taylor chats with the hosts of the GCP podcast about the complexity of endometriosis.

Voyage Dallas Magazine

Read about the why behind FIRE Physical Therapy.

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Episode #93 - Gut Check Project

Dr. Taylor Reyes chats with the hosts of the Gut Check Project podcast about the depths of pelvic floor therapy.

Pelvic Gyan.jpg
Pelvic Gyan Podcast

Listen to Dr. Taylor Reyes discuss the connection between TMJ pain and pelvic floor dysfunction​.


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